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16 November 2021 - 18 November 2021
Barcelona, Spain
Brokerage Event Smart City 2021

On-site and virtual Brokerage Event meetings

1 Sept - 8 Nov
  • Registration
  • Publication of marketplace item
    1. Register
    2. Publish a marketplace item with your organisational focus and your collaboration wishes
    13 Oct - 18 Nov

    Book and schedule your meetings
    • Send meeting requests to selected participants
    • Accept or decline meeting requests received from other participants
    • Schedule your on-site and virtual meetings when accepting meeting requests.
    16 - 18 Nov

    Brokerage Event on-site and virtual meetings
    • Join your 20-minute on-site and virtual meetings
    • Your schedule shows time of each meeting

    How it works

    A Virtual Brokerage Event is a quick and easy way to meet potential cooperation partners in face-2-face talks. 20 minutes run fast but usually it is enough to build first connections, then the bell rings and the next talk starts.



    • Register via the green Registration button on the "Home" page
    • During the registration process, select your "participant type"
      • Virtual participant: attending only virtual meetings
      • On-site partiicpant: attending physically. They can also join virtual meetings.


    Plan your attendance

    • Find the activities (time slots for the meetings and workshops) on the agenda.
    • Select your time slots
    IMPORTANT: Be careful for your slots' selection due to both on-site and virtual possibility

    • Virtual participants: will participate only in virtual meetings
    • On-site partiicpants: can participate both in on-site and virtual meetings.


    Publish a marketplace profile to showcase your needs

    • Create a strong profile which will raise your visibility to others.
    • Your profile should describe who you are, what you offer/search (products, services, project cooperation or investment opportunitiy) and who you want to meet. 
    • A good profile will significantly generate more meetings. Don't forget your profile will be live and visible even after the event.


    Book and schedule your meetings

    • Browse published participants profiles and send meeting requests to those you want to meet at the event. 
    • Accept or decline meeting requests received from other participants.
    • Schedule your meetings. You can choose a time-slot when accepting a meeting and know immediately when it will take place. 
    • Unanswered (pending) meeting requests will not be scheduled.


    Start your meetings

    • Physical meetings: Attend the meetings at Fira Gran Via. Hall 2. Innovation Zone.
    • Virtual meetings: Check your agenda and click on the button "Join" to attend virtual meetings. You can invite other colleagues from your organisation to join the meeting sharing a connection link.

    How does the virtual 1:1 meetings work?

    • Shortly before your meetings will take place, login into B2Match and start your meetings by clicking on the button "start meeting" 
    • The virtual meetings are managed remotely via a integrated video call tool
    • Your meeting partner doesn't show-up?
      Use the "Message" button and ask for joining the meeting or re-schedule the meeting to another date/time.



    • Complete the follow-up questionnaire.
    • Your Enterprise Europe Network advisor will continue to support you in the following steps with partners identified.

    Do not hesitate to contact your local EEN contact point if you have any question!


    B2B Meetings - A short youtube intro

    Closed since 8 November 2021
    Barcelona, Spain
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    Participants 611
    Meetings 787
    Spain 197
    Türkiye 44
    Iran, Islamic Republic Of 43
    Belgium 42
    Germany 39
    Netherlands 37
    Italy 28
    France 18
    Canada 15
    Switzerland 12
    Austria 12
    United Kingdom 11
    Japan 10
    Portugal 8
    United States 7
    Taiwan 7
    Finland 6
    Estonia 6
    Israel 6
    Romania 5
    Sweden 5
    Colombia 5
    Denmark 4
    Ireland 4
    Norway 4
    Chile 4
    Lithuania 4
    Greece 4
    Poland 3
    Ukraine 3
    Russia 3
    Croatia 3
    Luxembourg 2
    Czech Republic 2
    Argentina 2
    Malta 2
    China (Hong Kong) 2
    Brazil 2
    Guatemala 1
    India 1
    Bulgaria 1
    Saudi Arabia 1
    Albania 1
    South Korea 1
    Serbia 1
    Latvia 1
    Zimbabwe 1
    Cyprus 1
    Lebanon 1
    Palestine 1
    Bosnia And Herzegovina 1
    Slovakia 1
    Singapore 1
    Oman 1
    Total 627
    Company 376
    Other Startup 72
    Association/Agency 36
    University 33
    Authority/Government 31
    R&D Institution 26
    City/Municipality 18
    Startup supported by EIT Urban Mobility (Business Creation Programme) 10
    PPI Workshop Speaker Onsite 7
    PPI Workshop Speaker Online 7
    Investor 6
    Partner of EIT Urban Mobility 3
    Startup invested by EIT Urban Mobility 2
    Total 627
    Profile views
    Before event 33866
    After event 3567
    Total 37433