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16 November 2021 - 18 November 2021
Barcelona, Spain
Brokerage Event Smart City 2021

International Innovation Public Procurement Opportunities

The International Innovation Public Procurement Opportunities event is an online and onsite webinar where public bodies (local authorities, hospitals, ministries, etc.) will be able to present their unmet needs for the future, their market consultations and their tenders. Public institutions will use this platform to announce their future Public Procurement of Innovation tenders that they expect to launch. This event will have an international outreach.

In this event you will discover several opportunities in Public Procurement of Innovation that are going to shape the cities of the future. Public bodies will present their tenders in order to find new solutions for their challenges. Find the right tender to present your innovative solution offer.  

International Innovation Public Procurement Opportunities I:  Onsite workshop - Smart City Expo

When: 17 Nov, 10:00 - 11:00am
Where: Agora. Innovation Zone. Hall 2. Fira Gran Via.
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  • Project 1: Technologies for smart and sustainable tourism in Sabadell City. - Sabadell City Council  (Market Consultation)
  • Project 2: Scale up: Futureproof sports fields  - City of Amsterdam, Netherlands (Market Consultation)
  • Project 3: Pilot studies on Smart City sectors in Istanbul - Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey (Market Consultation)
  • Project 4: PROCURE: Achieving 100% Renewable Energy Supply (RES) in existing stock. - Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona (AMB)  (Open Tender)
  • Project 5: EcoQUIP plus, Innovation Procurement to rethink the joint replacement care pathway to improve patients’ outcomes. - Corporació Sanitaria Parc Taulí de Sabadell (Open Tender)
  • Project 6: TIQUE PCP: Innovative care services to deliver quick responses to complex patients with advanced HEART FAILURE through integrated care - Hospital Santa Creu I Sant Pau  (Market Consultation)
  • Project 7: OncNGS: European Call for the future Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) solutions for cancer. - Catalan Agency for Health Quality and Evaluation (AQuAS) (Open Tender)

International Innovation Public Procurement Opportunities II: Online workshop – Tomorrow City Online Platform  

When: 17 Nov, 12:00 - 13:00pm
Where: online. Tomorrow.City
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  • Project 1: Application of artificial intelligence to public procurement IA - Porto Municipality, Portugal. (Early Demand)    
  • Project 2: Cybersecurity - INCIBE (Open Tender)
  • Project 3: Keihanna Global Innovation Ecosystem for a Human-Centric Smart Society. - Robotics Researcher at Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (Open Tender)
  • Project 4: Challenge-Led Innovation Launchpad for Mid Wales Aberystwyth Innovation and Enterprise Campus LtdWales, United Kingdom (Open Tender?)
  • Project 5: : Start-up in Residence: Sustainibility & Circularity programme - City of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • Project 6: CAREMATRIX PCP: Pre-commercial procurement for integrated CARE solutions addressing the Multimorbidity - Innovation Skåne AB, Sweden (Market Consultation)
  • Project 6: CAREMATRIX PCP: Pre-commercial procurement for integrated CARE solutions addressing the Multimorbidity - Innovation Skåne AB, Sweden (Market Consultation)
  • Project 7: INCARE HEART: Innovative ICT-enabled integrated care solutions to advance multidisciplinary health and care for patients with chronic heart failure - ProjectCentre at Region Jämtland, Sweden (Open Tender)

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Barcelona, Spain
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